b. 1998. I’m an illustrator and commission artist working out of North Carolina. My artwork mixes environmentalist concerns with the fantastical energy of imaginary worlds.

(Though, sometimes I also just like to draw animals.)

I’ve been interested in art all of my life, and now I’m pursuing it as a career. All of the artwork exhibited here is created by me.


Dorothy M. Lasco, author of  A.K.A Maggie

“Caelum’s illustrations far exceeded my expectations. To have found an illustrator who is a true professional as well as a very talented illustrator for my children’s book is a dream come true.  He perfectly captured the very heart of the story, as well as the story’s unique characters. Young readers will appreciate his remarkable gifts as they view these illustrations over and over again.”

Scott Kinard/Amar Acana, author of  QUANTUM PHSYICs Meets DR. SEUSS: Dark Matter Matters

“I am thrilled at how easy Caelum is to work with.  I just give him a broad idea of what I want and what he delivers is far superior to what I imagined.”